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Southcote Primary School Soaring to Success

Partnership with Parents


We firmly believe that the education of any child is a two-way process. At Southcote we encourage parents to take an active role. Our open door policy means that the Headteacher and all teachers are always willing to meet with parents informally to discuss any areas of concern.


We believe in keeping you constantly informed of your child’s progress and have a whole host of rewards for hard work and good behaviour such as stickers, praise slips, Eagle Awards, Golden letters and prizes. All of these allow you to celebrate your child’s successes. If it is deemed necessary to advise you of any behavioural issues we will do so via our Red and Yellow letter system, these letters are posted directly to you.


Every classroom in the school has a traffic light system, all children start at green and depending on behaviour they either move up to silver or gold for good behaviour or they move down to amber or red for breaking rules. It is agreed with the children at the beginning of the school year what they need to do to move up the traffic lights and the sort of behaviours that will mean they move down the traffic lights. Parents are more than welcome to talk about where their child is on the traffic light at the end of the day. Teachers are happy to discuss your child’s behaviour with you if you have concerns.

There is an opportunity every term for parents to review their child’s progress by way of a ‘Parent Viewing Afternoon’ with the class teacher. At these events a written report of progress and future targets is given. In the Summer, parents are given a more detailed written report with the opportunity for additional consultation if they have any concerns.