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Every Minute Matters



We believe that Every Minute Matters to our children’s education and think that one of the most important times in the school day is the registration period.


We believe that when children arrive late to school they…


  • Miss out on important instruction and information passed by class teachers at the start of the days learning.
  • Are unable to catch up and interact socially with friends and teaching staff before settling into the school day.
  • Miss lesson time – usually the key explanation of the ‘how and what’ of the task that has been set.
  • Disturb and disrupt teaching - teaching staff have to repeat instructions to late children and stop teaching the children who have arrived on time.


Parents and Carers are reminded that the school gates open for our KS1 and KS2 children at 08:35.


The gates are closed at 08:45. 


Children who attend after this time (08:45) are late for school, which can cause disruption, anxiety and a loss of teaching time.


Parents and Carers are reminded that children attending school after 08:45 should accompany their children to the school office and complete our Every Minute Matters form.


You must NOT leave them at the school gate and ask them to make their way into school unattended.

This is a safeguarding requirement.


We genuinely want to better understand and assist families who struggle to attend school on time consistently. We want to hear from you and help.


We understand that from time to time children are late and fully support our children’s families when this happens.


Being late for school on a regular basis impacts the learning of our children – Every Minute Matters.